Program Section

  • Quality Assurance and Internal Control Management (QA & ICM)

  • Financial Section

  • Operation Section

  • Capacity Building

  • Community Engagement

  • Internal Control and Policies

Program Section:

As (I4o) is an authorized organization that develops/implements Programs and Projects under its objectives for the wellbeing of the people of Afghanistan, therefore, (I4o) has developed a specific program manual for the development, planning, coordinating, implementation, quality assurance, proclaiming and disseminating its programs. (I4o) mobilize and seek financial and technical resources from the National, International, UN Agencies and Existing Embassies in Afghanistan for its planned programs and projects. (I4o) usually implements its planned projects individually as well as on partnership, joined venture, consortium, as third party and as sub-contract/sub-grantee approaches.In Addition, (I4o) plans and proceeds charity, social and its volunteer activities from (I4o)’s own core sources as well as through its volunteer staff and their budget.

Quality Assurance and Internal Control Management (QA & ICM)

To maintain the (I4o) commitment for the providing of qualitative services, (I4o) has allocated a section of Quality Assurance of the services in its structure. (I4o) all planned activities, services, reports, results of the projects are being supervised, monitored, evaluated and quality is assured by this department. This section usually develops M&E Plans, mission plans, tools including supervision check lists, monitoring check lists, training need assessments (TNA) as well as it develops on job trainings, capacity building trainings and short term courses for the organization staff as well as for project staff. In Addition, for Internal Control Management (ICM) this section develops plans and proceed Internal Control management in all services delivery as well as resource utilization according to the need, allocated budget and organization policies. It audits all documents to ensure the zero percentage of errors and mistakes in the project documentation as well as the organization documents.

Financial Section

I4o)’s senior management team places great importance on the efficiency, effectiveness and proper use of resources and ensures that financial resources are managed appropriately and adequate controls. (I4o) accordingly has finance manual (Policy) containing sufficient details which enable the employees to understand the procedures they should carry out with minimal supervision and verbal instruction. According to the finance manual, internal controls should be purposeful in reducing risks of fraud and corruption but should not unnecessarily restrict activities. Internal controls therefore, have to be embedded with quality assurance department throughout all phases of the accounting and financial management process at (I4o). (I4o) in addition has a capable finance department headed by senior finance manager. The finance department of the organization prepares proper records of the transactions and other financial activities and resource utilization according to the organization policies as well according to the donor and third party requirements. The finance department uses quick book software for recording and reporting the financial transactions along with hard supporting documents for cross check and supporting their transactions according to International Audit trail standards. Finance departments keeps the records of the organization financial turn over on yearly base and prepare the yearly base financial reports through organizational balance sheet for the governmental ministry of finance. The finance departments keep the record and provide report of the organizational expenditures and staff salaries taxation to Afghanistan revenue office on regular base.

Operation Section

(I4o) for the daily administrative and security activities has dedicated a section which is responsible for all administrative, HR, logistic, and security activities. This department per the procedures prepare requests for all daily required activities according to the organization policy and authorization level and proceed accordingly. This department keeps the records of all physical hard and soft of all related documents for reporting, cross check by QA department and organizational documents.

Capacity Building

(I4o) always pays special attention in capacity building to support and guide its planned activities in an ideal manner. Therefore, Capacity building has always been a part of activities of current as well as completed projects of (I4o). Apart from that, (I4o) has organized/conducted many trainings on HMIS, IMCI, ETS, CTS, IP, BCC, Nutrition, WASH, initial and refresher trainings of CHWs, vaccinators, psychosocial counselor, nutrition councilor, etc.

Community Engagement

Community engagement in (I4o)’s view is a vital part of the developmental programs and leading to better outcomes for all the stakeholders, community ownership etc. (I4o) usually is involving the community (CHWs, LHCs, and provincial counsel and community leaders, social activists) in the decision making process and also in overseeing the services rendered through its projects.

Internal Control and Policies

As non-profit organization, to ensure (I4o) operation and services to be in the acceptable norms and standard aligned with its mandate and international practices, donors’ requirements, the organization has a proper internal control mechanism and put in place a series of policies and procedures, which is applicable to all aspect of the organization operation and activities carried out both in the field and main office. The key examples of the set of policies and procedures are as bellow;
• I4o Administration Policies And Procedures Manual
• I4o Assets Disposal Policy
• I4o Child Protection Policy
• I4o Financial Policies And Procedures Manual
• I4o Gender Policy
• I4o HIV-AIDS Policy
• I4o Human Resource Policies And Procedures Manual
• I4o Monitoring Evaluation Policy• I4o Partnership Policy
• I4o Previntion from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy
• I4o Program and Project Planning Policy
• I4o Security and Safety Policy
• I4o Stock Management Policy
• I4o Value for Money Policy
• I4o-Enviromental Policy