• Designation: Founder MD PGD MPh FNBI
  • Company: I4O

Team Information

I’m devoted to serving humanity across the country by addressing the derivation causes of poverty and empowering communities by addressing short-term needs while looking for long-term solutions for a better and sunnier future. As a humanitarian futuristic I’m zealous about what I believe in and help educate other people about the subject at hand. My work involves crusading for help, assistance, and hope for millions of people in Afghanistan who battle hunger, and diseases. Education and violence against marginalized, minority groups like the women, youth, elderly, physically challenged, etc, in some of the most inhospitable situations, locations and climates and despite the risks of hunger, death threats, violence against women and other deadly and abusive behavior from the communities I work within. I’m therefore prepared to altruistically continue sacrificing and contributing towards the cause.  My Inspirational word to other is that ‘Start Small’. Many people lapse into apathy because they feel that there is nothing that they, as an individual, can do to help others effectively. Yet every little action helps be it signing a petition, sponsoring a youth/girl for schooling or helping spread the word. I’m humbled to welcome and record my sincere gratitude to all organization Stakeholders my friend Dr walidullah Adil which is founder with me and (Partners, Donors, Communities, Local and National Authorities, Institutions etc.) It’s my pleasure to recognize the contributions of the organization Executive Board, community elders, Management Team, staff for their hard work and dedication to ensure that the organization s Mission, Goals and Objectives are realized. I’m therefore encouraging all never to be discouraged from being activist because people tell you that you will not succeed. You have already succeeded as long as you are out there representing truth or justice or compassion or fairness or love. On that note, I’m therefore welcoming all stakeholders from all over the world for their much needed contributions and support of any kind such as constructive comments, financial, in-kind and spiritual support to enable the organization realize and sustain its stated goals and objectives to the affected and deserving vulnerable and marginalized (Women &Youth) groups and communities all over the country Thank you in advance as we continue reaching and serving the needy and affected groups.
Dr sitara taroon
I4O founder